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A new chapter…

So it’s official, I’m now self employed! Friday saw my last day at Oakwood and I had an amazing send off! So many people came out to celebrate with me and see me take the jump! I’m super excited, slightly nervous and ready to take this next step in my career.

I’m so lucky to have such supportive friends and family and over the next few months, I’m planning to really transform my life! I took the leap because I want to spend more time being creative and doing projects that make me happy! I also want more time to have a work/life balance! Over the last year, I’ve worked really hard to change my body, and the last few months have seen this slip, due to being so busy and lazy (I won’t deny that) I’ve put on a few pounds and I am ready to set myself new goals and get back in the gym!

So from tomorrow I have taken the week off any work, to get myself organised and back in the gym and Friday I’m visiting Cheltenham Design Festival to get inspired!

I’m excited about this next step, I’m hoping it works out and has been the right decision, but I’ve followed my heart and taken the leap and to me, this is the most important thing!

So I’ll be posting more, blogging my day to day life and things I’m working on! Feel like I’m getting excited and passionate again, and this is a great feeling!

Will post again soon! Love zx

Feeling super proud of running for an amazing cause today and in a time I was happy with. I’ve had so much support from friends and family that I’m so glad I made them proud and that I got to do it in memory of an amazing woman!

Bath Half was my first half marathon, and if you’d said to me a year ago I’d manage it in sub 2.5 hours, I would have laughed at you. A few tears at the end and a big hug with my dad, as it was his mum I was running in memory of.

I’m also super proud of my friend Michelle, she only started training in January and she finished in an amazing time and both had massive smiles at the end!

Thanks everyone for your love and support! Super good day! :)


2013 - My biggest journey so far!

Every year, I write in my diary all the things I’m proudest of, the things I want to ‘change’ and set myself goals of how to get there. Every year for the last 5 years, my diary has consisted of ‘Losing weight’ as my first goal… 

Well this time last year, I was setting myself up to start my resolution; to lose weight for Babs and Johns wedding! A goal I was sure I would fail, many attempts before has resulted in me giving up, but this year was a journey I never expected.

Years of bullying as a kid, always being the ‘chubby’ one of the group, I put on a ‘happy, bubbly front’ that gave the impression I didn’t care what people thought about me, that their comments didn’t bother me and as a result, I comfort ate which resulted in an eating disorder and me hiding my emotions behind a personality that wasn’t really me. Looking back now, I realise how much of a struggle it was, I wasn’t really happy, I went out every saturday night and drank to give myself confidence and tried to be someone I thought I should be. And this year has made me realise, more than ever that, that was the biggest mistake of my life. 

So my journey began on Decemeber 30th, I didn’t need the chime of New Year to start… I’d had enough of being unhappy with myself. So I set myself a goal which meant numberous nights out of no drinking, no takeaways, Friday night gym sessions, followed by Saturday morning spin classes and 6am bootcamps (thanks sophie)… and its been hard work, but a goal I am so glad I made! This year has given me more confidence in myself, made me realise its ok to be a dork, to not apologise for the things I love, and those people in my life, who really love me, that they will stand by me through every decision I make.

So my proudest moment this year, was feeling confident walking next to my best friend on the biggest day of her life! My friends and family telling me I looked beautiful, in a dress that for 9 months, I was terrified of wearing. And although I’m still a little way away from where I want to be, I’m along way away from where I was.

So this year, set a goal, do it for yourself and I promise, you won’t regret it! I owe a big thank you to my family, best friends and partner. Every time I just wanted to give up, cried to them about how hard it was, how sad I felt, how I could feel myself slipping, they reminded me why I started. They told me they loved me how I was but were proud of how far I’d come and weren’t going to let me quit, and this year has changed my life.

Although my initial goal was just about the wedding, the months of hard work, blood, sweat, tears & injuries… its made me realise, that the only person you have to prove yourself to, the only person you have to do things for, is yourself. So there is no way I’m quitting now.

So 2014s resolutions are:

- Run 3 half marathons (March is planned to consist of 2 of the 3!)

- Compete in a Tough Mudder (August)

- By December, be able to do 10 x one handed press up (Sophie you are going to have to help me get here!)

- Work harder and teach myself Web Design


- Learn to speak french

Set your goals high, even if you don’t quite make it, the journey will teach you more than you ever expected.

zximageJanuary to August 

imageVictorias Hen Weekend - June

imageWedding day run in Cyprus!

imageThe wedding day - and the 5 best friends a girl could ask for! imageThe photo that made it all worth while for me.

imageAnd the hard work is beginning to pay off.